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EEG Africa was founded in 2019 by Dr Amith Keshave, paediatric neurologist, and his wife, Dr Smita Bhagwan, adult neurologist in Durban, South Africa. Both husband and wife are passionate about Epilepsy and their ultimate goal is to improve the care of patients with Epilepsy, through assisting with diagnosis, management, education and creating public awareness.

It all starts with an accurate diagnosis! Missing seizures can be detrimental to health and overdiagnosing epilepsy can lead to years of unwanted medication and side effects. Our primary aim is to provide the highest quality EEGs for patients of all ages, with special focus on paediatric patients. EEGs play an important part in the diagnosis and management of seizures and epilepsy. Performing EEGs in babies and children can be challenging – different head shapes and sizes as children grow, wriggly newborns, crying babies and hyperactive children.

We also provide sleep studies to both children and adults, assisting in the accurate diagnosis of sleep disorders. Sleep disorders are linked to multiple chronic health problems and greatly impact quality of life and health.


Dr Smita Bhagwan
Dr Smita BhagwanMBBCh (WITS), FCNeuro (SA), MMed Neuro (UKZN)

Dr Smita Bhagwan
MBBCh (WITS), FCNeuro (SA), MMed Neuro (UKZN)

Smita Bhagwan, being the daughter of a neurologist and married to one too, has had a passion for Neurology that started early and continues to grow at work and at home. She received her MBBCh summa cum laude from the University of the Witwatersrand in 2008 where she was awarded the Health Graduates Association Award. She completed her specialization in Neurology at Inkosi Albert Luthuli Hospital in Durban, receiving the Norvatis Medal in her final year. Her interests are in epilepsy and sleep disorders and she continually strives to advance her knowledge of neurophysiological procedures to help with careful diagnosis thereof

Dr Amith Keshave
Dr Amith KeshaveMBBCh, FCPaeds (SA), MMed Paeds(UKZN), Cert Paed Neuro (SA)

Dr Amith Keshave
MBBCh, FCPaeds (SA), MMed Paeds(UKZN), Cert Paed Neuro (SA)

Amith Keshave is an experienced paediatric neurologist with an interest in Epilepsy and Cerebral Palsy. He obtained his undergraduate medical degree from the University of the Witwatersrand in 2005 and thereafter specialized in Paediatrics in KwaZulu Natal. He then followed his desire to help children with neurological disabilities, and further specialized in Paediatric Neurology. He founded the KZN Spasticity Clinic in 2018, ensuring his patients with cerebral palsy have a holistic approach to their care. He is known for his jovial nature and his extraordinary commitment to his patients, always going that extra mile.
Jaqueline Harichand
Jaqueline HarichandNeurological Technician

Jaqueline Harichand
Neurological Technician

Jacqueline Harichand is our Senior EEG Technician, who qualified in 2006 with over 15 years of experience. She has worked with a multitude of patients ranging from neonates to the elderly, performing and scoring sleep studies and EEGs. She has also trained EEG technician students and continues to do so with great enthusiasm. Her always-smiling pleasant nature together with her efficiency and abundance of patience makes her a stellar part of our team.
Our vision

Our vision is to provide light to those with seizures and sleep disorders by guiding diagnosis and management.